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Self portrait of Elizabeth Siddal

Elizabeth Siddal (July 25, 1829 – February 11, 1862). 
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About Elizabeth Siddal


Letters written by Elizabeth Siddal



timelineTimeline of Lizzie’s life



clerksaunders18571-150x150Paintings and Drawings by Elizabeth Siddal




elizabeth-eleanor-siddal-150x150 “A Drawer Full of Guggums”: Drawings of Elizabeth Siddal by Dante Gabriel Rossetti



dgr-thumbnailLetters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti




wmrWilliam Michael Rossetti on Elizabeth Siddal (please note that this section is extremely long and spans eight pages)




williambellscott William Bell Scott, contemporary accounts of DGR and Lizzie







Georgiana Burne-Jones:  Memories of Elizabeth Siddal






Transcript of the Inquest



Photographs of Elizabeth Siddal’s grave




A Memorial for Rossetti written by Edmund W. Gosse

 We’ve had two discussions on Beata Beatrix in the blog. Feel free to join in and post a comment:  Beata Beatrix and A Later Version of Beata Beatrix

Highgate Cemetery marks 150th anniversary of Lizzie’s death

Dr. Jan Marsh on the death of Elizabeth Siddal


Handwriting Analysis of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal (PDF)




Interview with Siddal biographer Lucinda Hawksley

REVIEW: Lizzie Siddal: Tragedy of a Pre-Raphaelite Supermodel

The Wife of Rossetti, Violet Hunt (1932)

Elizabeth Siddal: Creator and Created by Adele Uphaus



Dante Gabriel Rossetti sitting to Elizabeth Siddal

Dante Gabriel Rossetti sitting to Elizabeth Siddal

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