The Poems of Elizabeth Siddal

Early Death

Oh grieve not with thy bitter tears
The life that passes fast;
The gates of heaven will open wide
And take me in at last.

Then sit down meekly at my side
And watch my young life flee;
Then solemn peace of holy death
Come quickly unto thee.

But true love, seek me in the throng
Of spirits floating past,
And I will take thee by the hands
And know thee mine at last.


6 responses to “Early Death”

  1. Grace Nuth via Facebook Avatar
    Grace Nuth via Facebook

    Happy Birthday Lizzie!!

  2. aw! happy birthday! you are now on tumblr!

  3. and by that i mean i spammed tumblr with pictures of lizzy because she was nowhere to be found.

  4. Lovely tumblr page! I like seeing Lizzie on the same page as those Alexander McQueen “Baroque Angels” 🙂

  5. what can i say? i like beauty!

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