The Poems of Elizabeth Siddal

Worn Out

Thy strong arms are around me, love
My head is on thy breast;
Low words of comfort come from thee
Yet my soul has no rest.

For I am but a startled thing
Nor can I ever be
Aught save a bird whose broken wing
Must fly away from thee.

I cannot give to thee the love
I gave so long ago,
The love that turned and struck me down
Amid the blinding snow.

I can but give a failing heart
And weary eyes of pain,
A faded mouth that cannot smile
And may not laugh again.

Yet keep thine arms around me, love,
Until I fall to sleep;
Then leave me, saying no goodbye
Lest I might wake, and weep


One response to “Worn Out”

  1. Cat Bistransin Avatar
    Cat Bistransin

    Elizabeth Siddal had a very difficult time on this earth; the real tragedy of her life is what she might have done with a bit more longevity or a bit more ease. I’m not a big fan of poetry, but this one left me breathless.

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