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These lecture events are Birmingham based. For more information, please visit The Pre-Raphaelite Society. Membership information can be found here.
09 June 2007 (re-arranged from February 2007)
The MacDonald Sisters
Lecture to be given by Ina Taylor. Ina is a contemporary writer “ her bestselling publications include ˜The Edwardian Lady: the Story of Edith Holden, plus ˜Victorian Sisters. The lecture will consider the remarkable lives of the four MacDonald sisters, who were all connected through marriage, with distinguished men of the nineteenth century.

21 July 2007
Ernest Gimson: designer, architect and archetypal Arts and Crafts man
Mary Greensted,  Curator at Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery, will talk about Gimson’s involvement with the Arts and Crafts movement, his work across differing disciplines and the way in which his workshops were run.

20 October 2007
AGM and Founders Day Lecture
This year’s lecture will be given by Paul Barlow and is entitled ‘John Everett Millais, from Pre-Raphaelite to Aesthete to Realist’  Paul will look at new interpretations of Millais’ early work, and how his early achievements can provide an insight into the meaning of some of his most important and wrongly neglected later paintings.


  • jim king

    Excuse the question of an technoprobe…about printing the photo images you post. Is that discouraged? Or can you post high resolution photo images one may download and print?
    p.s. Concerning the high resolution images of domain material, if one has to place the logo over them, do they really serve to show what Lizzie looked like?

  • Stephanie Pina

    I don’t mind people printing photos, so please feel free. I have recently had discussion with the Bridgeman Art Library about receiving a license to include high resolution images. The fee is a bit high, but I am considering it.
    About the watermark on the high resolution images of Lizzie: I tried my best to make the watermark very light and not obscure her face. My main concern was people taking the images and placing them on their sites with out giving me credit. The watermark seemed the only logical solution.

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