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  • At the Milliners, drawing by Elizabeth Siddal

    Drawn by Elizabeth Siddal, At the Milliners is privately owned.  For security reasons, the owner would prefer to remain anonymous.  I am grateful that they have so graciously shared this image with LizzieSiddal.com.   The owner did have this to say:   The attributed title, “At the Milliner’s,” is most likely incorrect. That name was given…

  • Paintings and Drawings by Elizabeth Siddal

    A Selection of Elizabeth Siddal’s Artwork: Clara Siddall Clerk Saunders Eve of St. Agnes The Holy Family Lady Clare Lady Affixing a Pennant, also titled as Before the Battle The Ladies’ Lament Lovers Listening to Music Macbeth Pippa Passes Self Portrait (pencil) Self Portrait The Lady of Shalott Study for Nativity Sister Helen The Quest…

  • The Quest of the Holy Grail

    “As the inscription on the watercolour shows, the picture is the joint production of DGR and Elizabeth Siddal. Grieve comments that “the composition was invented by Elizabeth Siddal and it was executed jointly by her and Rossetti” ( The Pre–Raphaelites , Tate 1984, 279 )”–Text via RossettiArchive.org