Portrayals of Elizabeth Siddal

I have only seen snippets of Desperate Romantics so far;  I can’t really speak about the series as a whole.  I am aware of the historical inaccuracies and I do question some of the changes made.  But  from what I’ve seen, Amy Manson portrays Lizzie as likable and spirited.   I’ve enjoyed seeing Lizzie portrayed with personality and not as a demure waif who sits quietly n Rossetti’s shadow.

Since Desperate Romantics began I have seen a definite rise in traffic.  I thought that both new and returning readers would like a glimpse of other portrayals of Elizabeth Siddal. Below, via YouTube, is a clip from Dante’s Inferno, directed by Ken Russell:

Also, Patricia Quinn as Lizzie opposite Ben Kingsley as DGR:


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  1. mark stevens Avatar
    mark stevens

    Thankyou so much for the “dante’s inferno” clip,i loved it and have never before seen that lizzie, which i thought was very well done .thanks again.

  2. Thank you for these clips; I had never seen the first one. Just finished watching episodes 1, 2 & 3 of Desperate Romantics yesterday. I think they’ve done a wonderful job of condensing and interlocking plot points and, in the case of Fred Walters, consolidating characters. There is never a dull moment and the whole cast is delightful. Amy Manson is stunningly convincing as Lizzie, and although I think Rossetti was probably not entirely the extrovert they’re portraying him to be, the author and screenwriter have brought out his devastating charm, his vulnerability, and his dark side in a way that makes one understand why he inspired such loyalty in his admirers even when he deliberately undermined them for his own gain. Lizzie may have been a fool for him, but she certainly wasn’t the only one.

  3. I meant to mention the inaccuracies of Desperate Romantics; I was surprised to find that they bother me very little if at all. The whole production is just too fun to get too serious about them.

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