Highgate,  Lizzie's Death and Exhumation

On the anniversary of Elizabeth Siddal’s death:

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February 11th marked the 150th anniversary of the death of Elizabeth Siddal. I received several lovely emails and invitations to attend the commemorative service at Highgate Cemetery and I’m heartbroken that I could not attend. However, there are some excellent posts marking the day. If I’ve missed yours, please let me know!

My dear friend Kirsty Stonell Walker outdid herself, not only visiting the grave of Lizzie Siddal, but also tracking down the grave of Pre-Raphaelite model Alexa Wilding.  Read her post about it, A Tale of Two Stunners.

Verity Holloway shares her thoughts on the death of Elizabeth Siddal.  “As is often the case with historical women, Lizzie Siddal has always been in danger of being overwhelmed by her own image.”

Author Robert Parry wrote a moving post about the anniversary. “There will never be a photo of an elderly Elizabeth Siddal discovered in a hidden attic.”

Valerie Meachum is a kindred spirit, we share a love and respect for Lizzie. I found her post especially poignant and I think it’s wonderful that she took the title from one of Lizzie’s own poems:  And this is only earth, my dear.

Finally, what a perfect way to spend the day:  SomniumDantis was present at the Highgate memorial and then visited Lizzie as Ophelia by Millais.  Beautiful.

Thank you to my friend John R. Green who has given me permission to share his photos of the service at Highgate:

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  • Pamela

    I find your website fantastic I love all things PRB and their models I am like you becoming quite obsessed with any information about them so thank you good to know I’m not crazy wanting to know details of the lives of people who died so long ago but I guess that is what makes them true artists

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