Poems by Elizabeth Siddal

Elizabeth Siddal’s poems were never published in her lifetime.  Dates of when they are written are unknown.  It is tempting to view them as autobiographical, but I urge you not to do so in order to allow her work to stand on its own merits.  The stories of Siddal’s relationship with Rossetti, addiction, stillbirth and death have become so mythologized that they overshadow her work to the point that we are in danger of viewing her poems as clues to her personal life instead of poetic works worthy of merit. Her poems were published in the hard to find volume ‘Poems and Drawings of Elizabeth Siddal”, Wombat Press in 1978. Co-editors Roger C. Lewis and Mark Samuels Lasner.

A Silent Wood

A Year and a Day

At Last

Dead Love

Early Death

He and She and Angels Three

Fragment of a Ballad


Lord May I Come?

Love and Hate

Shepherd Turned Sailor

The Lust of the Eyes

The Passing of Love

True Love

Worn Out