Lizzie Siddal on Jeopardy

jeopardyI just discovered via our LizzieSiddal.com Facebook page that Lizzie Siddal was recently on answer on the popular gameshow Jeopardy.

Here’s a link to the clue archives. Scroll down a bit on the page, Lizzie appears during the Double Jeopardy round under the category The Victorians.  The clue was:  “Prominent feature of women in pre-Raphaelite paintings; model Lizzie Siddal’s was said to have filled her coffin”  The answer was obviously “What is hair?”


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  • mark stevens

    You are so right,anything which brings her name to people(especially those who might investigate further)has got to be a great thing.Keep up the great work you do for Lizzie’s memory,take care.xx

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