Elizabeth Siddal and Dante Gabriel Rossetti in Hastings (New Photos!)

On the 23rd of May in 1860, Elizabeth Siddal and Dante Gabriel Rossetti were wed.  Their vows were exchanged in St Clement’s Church (there is a panoramic virtual tour here).  I am so grateful to Lynda Smith for allowing me to share her photos of the church (originally posted to her twitter account, @mouse_11) All photos … Read more

The Worst Man in London

 Seven years after her death, the coffin of Elizabeth Siddal was exhumed so that her husband, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, could publish the poetry he had buried with her. It was a secret act, yet eventually the deed came to be known and has added a macabre tinge to the tale of Elizabeth Siddal. Rossetti was not present when his … Read more