Artist paints Ophelia using bacteria

In a highly original and unique project, artist Jo Wonder recreates Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais using bacteria as a medium.  The video is incredibly moving and includes voice mails and messages left for Ophelia. “I like the idea of Ophelia being a beauty but made up of something that we think is disgusting. But we shouldn’t really be thinking it’s disgusting because in fact, roughly nine out of 10 cells in our body are actually bacteria and our bodies are also made up of roughly 60% water, as Ophelia lies in the lake dying she may be feeling fantastic as her body rejoins the earth.”

The section enclosed includes poems submitted by children, strangers and Kim Morrissey whose works often examine the role of women in nineteenth century culture.Bacillus Mycoides and other bacteria were used to depict Ophelia’s soul and breath in the animated painting.

Submit your own poetry/dedications to Ophelia by voice mail to complete this art installation.

Please participate in this project by leaving a poem to Ophelia on her voice mail at +44 (0) 2071839366 (standard land line Uk rates in the UK).

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2 responses to “Artist paints Ophelia using bacteria”

  1. just kinda stumbled here and took a peek at this video and…, it’s beautiful and creepy and it quite startled me. thank you for posting this!

  2. Thanks I’m the artist just stumbled upon this myself thanks for the feed back violet

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