A Note from Ruskin

Stephanie E. Chatfield  

Ruskin writing to Lizzie regarding her ill health
(this was during the time when he was a patron to her work):

“I should like you to go to the country immediately.
The physician whom you consult will probably give you some suggestions, but doctors nearly always have some favourite watering-place . . I shall be most happy to meet the expense (which will not be great) of your journey to any point recommended by you, but I strongly would oppose your thinking of Italy which would be so fearfully exciting to you that I believe you would be thrown into a fever in a week. South of France might perhaps be well; but if you were my own sister, I should plead hard for a little cottage in some sheltered Welsh valley.”

Source: Ruskin, John Letters I in The Works of John Ruskin (edited by E.T. Cooke and A. D Wedderburn) 1909

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