Artwork featuring Elizabeth Siddal

A Few Images of Elizabeth Siddal

elizabeth-siddal-1854-rossetti.jpg Drawn by her lover (later her husband) Dante Grabriel Rossetti

elizabeth-siddal-study-for-ophelia-1852.jpg Study for Ophelia, drawn by Millais

ophelia-1851-52-oil-on-canvas.jpgOphelia, painted by Millais

paolo-and-francesca-da-rimini-1855-watercolour-rossetti2.jpg Triptych of Paolo and Francesca de Rimini, painted by Rossetti while Lizzie traveled in France so he could send her the money from the sale of this painting.

portrait-of-elizabeth-siddal-1850-65-watercolour-on-paper-rossetti1.jpg Portrait of Elizabeth Siddal by Rossetti

portrait-of-elizabeth-siddal-1855-pen-and-ink-rossetti.jpg Pen and Ink drawing of Lizzie by Rossetti

saint-catherine-1857-oil-on-canvas-rossetti.jpgLizzie portraying St. Catherine for Rossetti’s painting

the-return-of-tibullus-to-delia-study-for-delia1853-55-rossetti-a.jpgRossetti drawing Lizzie in “Study for Delia”

the-wedding-of-saint-george-the-princess-sabra-1857-rossetti.jpgRossetti painted Lizzie as Princess Sabra

the-damsel-of-the-sanct-grael-1857-watercolour-rossetti.jpg Rossetti depicting Lizzie as the damsel san grael


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